Friday, September 24, 2010


Wednesday was the official day during LFW devoted to Menswear. It was a breath of fresh air after seeing bright and flouncy skirts all week.

started the morning off with a punch of dancehall beats and crisp sportswear. Layering white on white with hints of pastel. Shannon worked deconstructed layered pieces and used heavy accessories and face paint to complete the look. I loved the cropped layered tanks and the collaboration he did with EastPak ( very my little pony, sorry dudes!)

J.W ANDERSON followed Shannon's presentation sending London's psychedelic raved-out youth down the runway. Creating a tight silhouette with pieces ranging from patch work to extreme dip dye. Doilies are crocheted and applied to tulle tops dyed in neon colours creating a kaleidoscope grunge dream.

JAMES LONG kept the washed-out hippie theme going through the afternoon. A collection full of Pollack-esque, paint-splattered silk and chiffon and knitted patchwork a la Missoni but with a trippy twist. Long's inspiration of classic filmic pilgrimages like My Own Private Idaho was most evident through his addition of Tobacco-coloured leather pieces toward the end of the collection. If Long's man was hitchhiking in the desert heat, I'd definitely give him a lift.

LFW was a blast. Thanks again to VOLT MAGAZINE!!

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Stanley Lewis said...

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