Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The gang and I at the best coast show!

I was mentally preparing my outfit for the best coast show happening on April 13th and you know started thinking about cut off denim vests and starchy cotton boxy 80s print tops and white jeans and soft blond hair pastels and all that then brought myself down to reality and remembered that its ONLY APRIL AND I LIVE IN TORONTO- NOT SANTA MONICA. BOO.
I did however have a vision of my Barbie doll collection and remembered how awesome California Barbie circa 1987 was. I had the Barbie and Midge doll. They came with Beach Boy cassette tapes!

OK so the point to this blog post- to remember how awesome California Barbie and the gang looked and if it was 2010 these Barbies would be listening to Best Coast records!! ya, OK we will go with that..... also, check out BEST COASTS blog... HERE they POST a lot of beach boy videos, which is ALWAYS RAD!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I was just introduced to the soft, bold and beautiful designs of Karla Spectic. Her bold pops of colour mixed with the softness of pastel is lovely on the eyes. Her twisting and draping is a tad Burberry but she seems to create an original silhouettes that dare I even say it , love a bit more then Burberry ( sorry Mr. Bailey) Karla hails from Australia, and her pieces are available on her site. I wouldn't dare buy a piece like this online without trying it on but Im hoping I can find that orange and pink cardie or white coat with the sq cut outs when I'm in the UK!