Saturday, August 7, 2010

Objects of deep desires....Dreams, what are my dreams?

Oh hello, long time no see. I feel bad for not updating this as often as I should. Today I will present you with my current obsession- behold- the grainy wedge ankle boot from Burberry Prorsum AW'10 collection. I stupidly tired them on at Liberty last week. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE! It's all my little London dreamy fashion mind can think about now. I'm trying to justify them with like "Oh, you know, they will be perfect for Fashion week." and "I don't own ankle boots that give me this much height" or like
" my friend works at Liberty and with the discount, and you know it's almost stupid they don't belong to me yet, they are such an INVESTMENT PIECE." Stupid things like that. I still think about last years platform lace up ankle boots Burberry did.

I have some exciting news to report but I'm going to wait a little bit more before I divulge information to all my legions of fans. TTYL